Hi, I'm Bridgett

I help Small Business Owners achieve strong financial outcomes and value themselves for the passionate and talented entrepreneurs and business owners they are. 

After many years of working as a Senior Accountant in the corporate world, I established North Shore Bookkeeping & Payroll to have control over my own path and choose who I work with, providing a focus for my skills and experience.

Most accountants are always working with historical information for your tax return, which has its place. I want to keep you current, so you can use that knowledge to be profitable, efficient and guide your business where you want to be. You work hard and should be rewarded.


If you prefer to avoid the numbers stuff, I am here to help, because I love it and can demystify it for you.

All our Xero-certified on-shore bookkeepers feel the same way.

We make it OUR business to be truly invested in the success of YOUR business.

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Core Values
  • To strive to always provide value to you, respect your time and business resources

  • To recognise you as an individual and professional. You will never be a just a number to us.

  • To provide consistency and reliability

  • To ensure you are receiving industry best practise in the work we undertake for you

  • To be your trusted Business Advisor

Team Standards

Our bookkeepers are required to fulfill four standards – Education, Experience, Testing & Training:

  • Minimum: IPBC certified bookkeeper

  • Minimum 5 years experience

  • Successfully completed the Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment

  • Successfully completed The Pure Bookkeeping Training Module

We had been let down by bookkeepers who claimed that they were proficient in Xero but we found the opposite was true when they started the processing. So we now use The Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment to test the applicant’s proficiency in Xero and general bookkeeping skills. This must be completed successfully before they have an interview. That has helped enormously to weed out inexperienced candidates.

Once selected they complete The Pure Bookkeeping Training Module – an intensive theoretical and practical training in all aspects of The Pure Bookkeeping System before qualifying starting as one of our bookkeepers. 

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Mission Statement

To provide 5 Star Service to Small Business Owners