We are proud to use the Pure Bookkeeping System with all of our clients. We are accredited licensees, and all our bookkeepers have been trained in the Pure Bookkeeping System. 

The Pure Bookkeeping System has been developed over 10 years by a team of professional bookkeepers in 100's of organizations. It details industry best practice for bookkeeping, reporting and BAS lodgements. It is the only bookkeeping system endorsed by the Australian Bookkeepers Network – Australia’s premier professional body for bookkeepers. 

What does this mean for you?

Our Guarantee


First and foremost your books will be impeccable. Whenever you look at any report the numbers will be right. When your Accountant gets the books at the end of the year, everything will be perfect - you won’t have to pay for your accountant to fix anything up.


ATO Audits

These days it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when' you will have an ATO audit. The ATO loves systems. They want transparency and they want evidence that systems are in place which demonstrate compliance with Tax and GST laws. The Pure Bookkeeping System gives you just that.


The System helps us empower you around your finances.



We have a raft of different reports we can provide from a simple quarterly financial report to a sophisticated dashboard that will put you in control of your business, and put the right financial information at your fingertips in a way that makes sense. 



Seamless Service

The Pure Bookkeeping System also means as I grow my business I can recruit skilled bookkeepers who have been trained in the Pure Bookkeeping System who will do the bookkeeping exactly the same way. If someone goes on holidays, gets pregnant, leaves premanently, we won’t miss a beat, and you probably won’t even notice the change.

The Client's Bookkeeping Manual


All the 'client-specific' processes will have been documented in your very own Client's Bookkeeping Manual. This document is created when we first start working together and is kept constantly up to date as changes occur in your business. You own this document and it is another key n ensuring we can replace bookkeepers in your business.



So most of all it gives you peace of mind – you can relax knowing that the finances of your business are in good hands.

An Account's Testimonial

“I’m blown away by the depth, thoroughness, and quality of the Pure Bookkeeping System, and the financials that I receive as a result. After experiencing the difference it makes to my business partnering a bookkeeper who is using the Pure Bookkeeping System I would never go back – and I recommend my clients only use bookkeepers who use the Pure Bookkeeping System”.  

Craig Lawson

Craig Lawson Consulting.